the Trees

The Trees mission is to promote children’s artwork through Pop Up! shops and local public art programs. We gather together to support the intersection where creativity meets collaboration. Public art programs lead children to express themselves fully without judgement and explore who they are in this world. 

Just as Ram Dass quotes above .... “So I practice turning people into Trees...appreciating them just as they are” we hope to do the same through supporting the young artist in us all. 2018 THEME: Peace & Equality Each Pop Up event will display the works of children and how they see the world through their eyes.With a defined theme (PEACE & EQUALITY) children will create, display and represent their work to the public.

Guests may purchase artworks and help us to fund raise and donate money to keep art programs alive and accessible in our public schools!!

With Donations and help from:

Patische Restaurant
Maria Weiner
Kayla Brooks
Valerie Kliesmet Hoppens
Kayla Lbrooks
Jenni Jo
Carolyn Parker Leach
Lloyd Johnson