We Love Submissions

After Mag is a completely submission based magazine, meaning ANYONE can be in an issue. Whether it be a collaboration or submitting something that you have done yourself. Just submit your work via email along with your information and social media.

submission deadline for vol 5 is February 5th


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We are open to most anything you'd like to write. A wonderful editorial, a gut wrenching poem or just a funny story.  We want it. If it doesn't make it into a physical issue, it will be featured here, on the site.



If you have original content that you'd like published, we would be happy to have you. As long as it reaches us in time, it will make it into the physical issue, otherwise it will live here on the site.



We love having music featured here on the site. Whether you are releasing a new mixtape, album or song, there's a place for it on the site. We also feature artists for our physical issue as well. Just reach out and we would be happy to talk bout it.



We work with cinematographers, directors and editors. If you're looking to showcase your work, we are looking to give it a home. With stills from any project we promote in the physical issue with a personal link for it, here on the site.



If you're an artist of any kind looking for a home for your work. Either showing at one of our many events or on the site/in the issue, just reach out and we can make something happen.