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"The best live show i've ever seen" Take a look at that statement really quick. Feel the weight of its words. comprehend how series a statement of that magnitude is. Now, take in this moment and believe me when I say, this was the best live show i've ever seen.

The lead singer and keyboard player walks on stage, no shoes, giant hair & a  "Fuck Trump" shirt on. So, as you can imagine I was already hyped. "I want to start off by saying, this is our 7th and final show in the last two days, so excuse us while we get a little crazy." Chugs a beer and a shot then gets right into it. Gets on the mic commands his bassist and saxophonist to get down in the crowd, "Ok, I want to here star wars, James Bond and Indiana Jones. But make it fucking pop." Then without hesitation they gave him just that, with an incredible twist on it. Dancing and playing their instruments with all the heart they could muster. The band went from Rage against the machine to New Orleans brass band. I cant speak for everyone at the show but I can say for me, ill likely never experience anything that captivating again. It was a 12 piece band, a 12 piece band that worked together like organs and each one had a vital part. Their connection was palpable with just a beautiful manifestation being played out in-front of us. The really amazing thing for me is that I was about to leave, they were the last show of the evening and I heard them play just one song, stopped dead in my tracks and turned right back around. Some people go their whole lives without ever really enjoying music the way hundreds of us got to.

So, from me and everyone else at the show, Thank You Andy Frasco



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