Photos:Xavier Omar at Summerfest

Photo by Chloe Vande Voort @Cee_Vee_Vee

Photo by Chloe Vande Voort

Xavier Omar at Summerfest 2018
Summary by Chloe Vande Voort


Up and coming artist Xavier Omär lit up the stage Friday, June 29th. Omär was scheduled to open for headliner GoldLink who very unfortunately canceled that morning and was replaced with rapper BlocBoy JB (don't worry, I haven't heard of him either). 

Omär was not deterred by the lackluster crowd that accumulated in anticipation for the rapper after him. He presented with energy, style and personality one would expect of a professional. It was clear he loves does... Dancing around the stage, tongue out, and having a good time.

Being in the pit with Omär, only feet away felt like a personal show. Feeling like he was posing just for me, every picture matched the mood of each song performed. Next to me was a girl that knew all the words to every song. At the end of the show, she yelled out, "Xavier, I love you!" He quietly mouthed, "I love you too," with a quick smirk. Not everyone appreciated the show as much as us, but that's the beauty of saying "I knew him first," it didn't matter to those that did. 



Photography by
Chloe vande Voort
Flow Johnson