Photos: Shala's Pink House


    Shala's Pink House: Chicago


Shala's Pink House was a pink, multi-level event space. The Pink House worked to bring social awareness to the emotional and dietary causes of cancer. In addition, it supported and promoted the research of alternative treatments and prevention. The revenue generated during the event served its mission, to educate and inspire people to look at cancer in a new light. The event itself was filled with beautiful people inside and out interested in doing what they can to help in the fight. With a wide array of models of all shapes, colors and sizes descended the stair case to the runway, you feeling of excitement was palpable in the air. Inspired by Lauren Bergiel, Sofia Adawy Akintunde and our proximity to the cure for cancer.

"Cancer is a rising epidemic that we are going to interrupt with art and the celebration of life. The collective human spirit cures things; the other stuff just takes the credit."

-Shala- Social Impact Artist and Producer

Designers: Borris Bjp Powell Anna Hovet

Models: Cora Buckle Katie O'Hern Amanda Faber Amanda Rivera Heather Zimmerman Sarah Moore Kelley Bode Sofia Adawy Akintunde Lauren Bergiel

Fashion Show Producer: Ashley Gerroll

Stylist Micha Vargas Caro

Make-Up Camille Villegas

Hair Stylist Holly Koloziej

Photographers Jade McDonald Flow Johnson

DJs Mauricio Mesa Matt Roan Romeo Israel Valerdi Earnest Streeter Francesca Fontenot

Associate Event Producer Sarah Moore

Event Producer Michaela Gordon

Co-presenters: Kwesi Dei Roe Melloe Muhammad Shabazz DJ Mauricio Imerman Angels Swank PR Lauren Ash

Photos By Flow Johnson & Rena Naltsas

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