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After Magazine Launch Party: Milwaukee

The second installment of the launch parties exceeded all my hopes and expectations. Amazing people from my life that I haven't seen in over 6 years came out of the wood work. Over 15 people drove up from Chicago to support. Family and friends that have been watching the progress of the magazine came and saw what we've been working on. The crowd showed up and danced unlike anything I've seen in Milwaukee thus far and the musical acts really showed what Milwaukee can do.

My Chicago crew of Djs and Hostess came out and made the night more memorable than I could have possibly imagined.


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that duo did showed Milwaukee what non top 40 djs can do and let me say, its EVERYTHING. Everyone danced till their hearts exploded and the decor was just perfection.

A GIANT shout out to Lex Allen & Dres

for their incredible performances.

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