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After Magazine Launch Party: Chicago

There aren't that many moments in life that you get to truly recognize how blessed you are. On top of that, rarely do you get to share it with incredible people. Chicago gave me both of those in the same night. This Launch party was the culmination of hard work, creative people and a passion to create something great. To watch people walk into that space that took hours to decorate and art beautifully curated by Marco Miller. Words cant properly express the appreciation and overwhelming support i received from everyone   The night started with an incredible performance by Sylvie Grace who immediately brought the group to overwhelming silence and admiration. With each stroke of her bow she captured everyone more and more. From there, the night just snowballed into one beautiful experience that I wouldn't trade for anything.   With Music by: DJ EARN MONEY:   GXXD Stress:


Vagabond Maurice:

Sylvie Grace:


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