Music: The Dragon Who Devoured The Moon


Vagabond Maurice

The Dragon Who Devoured The Moon

The things I could say about Maurice and his music could take everyone reading down the most incredible and unbelievable path.

Having a conversation to this man takes you a short ride into his mind, his vision. His ability to connect with you after just a few moments is exactly the reason why his music is so, so damn good. From the production, to the lyrics, he believes in quality and in a world full of mumble rap. Vagabond Maurice is epitome of a breath of fresh air.

The first project that really spoke to me was The Dragon Who Devoured The Moon.

I was lucky enough to have him perform this at After Magazines first launch party in Chicago, over at The Chicago Art Department. He stepped to the mic with nothing more than a pick in his fro and fire in his eyes. From the first lyric he had us all entranced, his stage presence was something to be studied and his music. It was watching anime live right in front of our eyes.

As a person that came late into the anime game, this was something that really caught my attention. It was basically me, watching my favorite anime, Samurai Champloo, and having the music live in front of me.

Maurice really knows how to capture a crowd and a moment.

Thankfully, I was there to capture it all.

The Dragon Who Devoured the Moon

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