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Denita & Sene

Everyone can think of at least a few bands that they love so much and make you feel so deeply that you only share it with people who are worthy.
Music that when you hear it, you stop what you're doing to really acknowledge how great this moment in time is because they just get it, you know?

It's like that song was made for this moment in your specific life.

Well, one of those bands for me is Brooklyn based, Denita & Sene.
I found out about them while having an intense "music-off" session after an even more intense tinder date(another story completely.).
I just knew I had her best then boom,
She's plays Casanova and I was lost.

Her voice just took a hold and made me realize that I can go the rest of this year without going to a show of theirs.
Sene, who started off as a rapper had met Denita while he was looking for someone to sing over his beats. Denita, had just come to NYC to follow her dream as a singer/songwriter and amazingly, they were a better match than Ren & Stempy.

Their first EP, "Blah, Blah, Blah launched in 2012 and did better than anyone could have imagined. Especially, they duo.

Right after the success of their EP they went on to release their debut album, His & Hers. A beautiful piece of music.

Take a listen

Don't worry, you can thank me later.

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