Super-Pop with Soul: Janelle Monáe Unites Milwaukee

Photo by Flow Johnson @DoingTooMuchFlow

Photo by Flow Johnson

Super-Pop With Soul:
Janelle Monae

Article by Andrew Herkert

MILWAUKEE- Diversity as a buzzword has run it’s course. Inclusion has lost meaning. Adverse homogeneity and social separation are rampant. This is especially obvious in what is commonly referred to as the United States’ most segregated city: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The city is home to Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival. It boasts nearly 1 million attendees from around the world over it’s two-week lifespan each year. The genres, scenes and stages, however, are visibly and palpably divisive both musically and socially. 

One can easily see how genre-loyalists stick to their stage like moths to a light. There are obvious enclaves, for natural and inherent reasons, where the crowd self-sorts: country fans, metal-heads, motorcycle clubs, hippies, and so on and so forth. Yet, as Janelle’s fanbase proved last night, there are seemingly more, now than ever, who don’t associate with only one genre. 

This is proven as Janelle Monáe’s music is truly genre-bending. She exudes an overtone of soul and sexuality and draws production elements from all categories in the landscape. The magic of her ethos and the captivating production at the BMO Harris stage forced that incredulous segregation rampant in Milwaukee to disappear for a brief yet memorable concert experience. 

 For the 60 minutes Ms. Monáe shared her talents with us her fans obviously came from from all walks of life. The audience was all ages, all races, all genders and all orientations celebrating the depth and beauty of her message, progressive ideals, pan-human sexuality, and genre-bending musicality that truly deserves recognition as such. 

With such blue sky embrace, Monáe has achieved Super-pop stardom and the future state of social unification has, if even for a moment, become the present. Thank You, Janelle, from all of us here in Milwaukee.