Frank Ocean: Boys Dont Cry


(Getty Images)

Finally! Finally, the giant cock-tease that is being a Frank Ocean fan is almost over, or so they say. Around this time last year, it was announced that Frank Ocean, the genius behind the wildly loved Channel Orange is set to release his new album. Titled Boys Dont Cry, the album will be available on Friday exclusively on Apple Music. This news comes from, The New York Times and Golf Media, so if there's nothing don't send us letters, send hate mail to them.

All kidding aside, i'm stupid excited and you should be too. After being featured on Kanye's The Life Of Pablo and James Blake's The Colour In Anything, which we all know was remarkable, I think I speak for everyone when I say. Give me some damn music, Frank. I've been waiting, we've all been waiting and quite Frankly(Pun Intended), i'm sick of it.

So, Frank do us all a favor and let us love you again.

musicFlow Johnson