Fashion: Milwaukee Fashion Week ( Yes, Its a real thing)

Milwaukee Fashion Week

(Yes, It exists)

Milwaukee fashion...Yeah, I know! Milwaukee has a fashion week? We were all pretty shocked at the realization, but it does and it was full of model and clothes. On a serious note, After Magazine attended the event which was was held at what used to be known as the Polaris Room, atop Milwaukee’s Hyatt Regency It had 10 designers eagerly awaiting the opportunity to show pieces for the upcoming Fall/winter seasons. From Sports wear to high fashion, it pretty much had it all. Upon Arrival we were greeted by an old-time crooner in a tuxedo singing old-time bops in front of his electric piano. The show had yet to start so this was what I’d like to call “get-yo-drinks-find-yo-seat” music. Once we get back stage, there were women running around half dressed covered by perfectly placed fashion tape and I swear I witness a tracks flying in the air. I notice immediately how wonderfully diverse it was, there were women from “model” thin to full figured, Short to tall pale to full of melanin. It was hectic, but no as chaotic as I imagined but I did have to ensure my large frame did not take up space. From the designer making last minute stitching on their garments to the model running to grab her heels to hair styling spraying the 15 models assigned to her, everyone seem to be occupying a celebratory space. While talking to the designers, there seemed to be one common thread. A woman's individual experience. One thing I learned was the team behind the making sure the vision comes together. Hair and makeup. The team has over 50 women, 2 men and a hand full of children to accentuate the beauty. They looks ranged from the slick back look or some avant garde. I saw the mood boards and witnessed creations come to life. The show went on with no Yeezy Season 4 hiccups, and let’s be honest, it wasn’t as unconventional either. All and all, it was fun time, with acoustic musical performances between designer sets. One thing is for sure, they definitely need to be schooled on the art of the after party. That’s essentially fashion week, fashion shows and after parties full of the the cities most fashionable.

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