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Q & A with Ravyn Lenae
by Kenya Sherron


Kenya: When did you begin recording? How did you start making music?

Ravyn: I initially began writing poetry and recording my daily thoughts in a notebook. This served as therapy but was never quite enough. I began to set these same themes to music. After witnessing the results, I felt compelled to record them. I was put in contact with Classick Studios, where I recorded my first couple songs and my EP  "Moon Shoes". Kenya: What was the most exciting and/or surprising thing that has happened to you in your career thus far?

Ravyn: The most exciting aspect of being a recording artist is performing for different crowds. Delivering my music live does not compare to anything else. The aura is extremely powerful and often times overwhelming. Since my debut as a solo artist (a year), I have had the opportunity to perform at House of Blues Chicago about 5 times, which is super cool. Performing also challenges me in a way recording doesn't; it calls for me to engage the crowd, translate the lyrics through body language, and apply special vocal techniques. I find myself improving vocally and artistically after every show, which is always exciting. Kenya: What are you plans for the years to come? Ravyn: I plan to travel, make music and have fun. I vowed to myself that whatever I do, it has to somehow contribute to my happiness. If it doesn't, why am I doing it?

Kenya: What is the last thing you ate and reaaallly enjoyed?

Ravyn: I actually had a really good steak from this place in NYC called Hunt & Fish Club.

Kenya: Where is favorite place to go, by yourself, and relax? At this point, do you prefer work or play?

Ravyn: I usually go to the park at night for solitude.

I like to intertwine work and play. With music, it's pretty easy to do. I also like to keep things balanced.

If one seems to overpower the other, it definitely shows because I get really weird.

Kenya: How have you been getting used to the idea of having "fans?"

 Ravyn: I will NEVER be used to the idea of having "fans". I'd rather call them supporters because that's what they actually are. It always amazes me when someone knows all the lyrics to a song or runs up to me nervously. It'll never be real to me because I don't really view myself as someone to marvel or appreciate to that capacity.

The Team

Photography by Shahrnaz Javid


Styling by Kenya Sherron


Muse Rayvn Lenae