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WW_finished_far Sorrow_left_vertical Ode_KeithHaring1_upper_left Remorse_below_angle IMG_2737 IMG_2446 ELee9 ELee5 Down_Came_the_Rain Growing up I loved to draw. In junior high, classmates used to pay me 50 cents to make Air Jordan and Shaq logos for them to put up in their lockers. That was my first paying gig. But I was rarely exposed to art museums or galleries all the way through high school. From a midwestern middle class background, what little modern art I did encounter I was mostly confused by. But with new mentors and experiences, art history and drawing classes in college, some artists and their work started speaking to me and becoming more than just decoration. Paintings began to unfold in front of me and reveal truths I'd never known. It made me feel. I started to feel a deeper connection to myself and to others, and it changed my life for the better. And this was just art in museums. Then came street art, pieces that came to me: some funny, some profound, some political, some just aesthetically beautiful. It was inspiring. My work today is heavily influenced by pop and street art, and is an attempt to share my belief that art can teach us, inspire us, and change our lives for the better. I want my work to hop off the walls, enter the viewer's life and effect them the way art has effected me. 


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