30 Days of Women: Kelsea Cadore

Kelsea Cadore

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Photography by Flow Johnson

You know that friend that always knows EXACTLY what to do to make you feel better? No matter how down you are and how much you don't want to be bothered? You try to keep being angry then they just pop up and completely erase all negative thoughts and feelings that were surrounding you?
Yea, that feeling and person is Kelsea Cadore. She has the unique ability to completely cure whatever negative thoughts that you might be having by simply smiling. Her constant giggles, smiles and overall warmth is what so much of this world is missing.
The moment she walks into a room is the moment that room starts to come alive. From the day she walked into my life Kelsea has been a constant reminder of how important it is to take time and just be happy. Kelsea and I have been friend for 3 years and everyday since has been nothing short of an adventure.
Not only is Kelsea that wonderful ray of sunshine you didn't realize you were missing but shes also that beam of honesty that so many of us don't get enough of. She's not the kind of person to hold the truth back in order to maintain happiness, she knows that true happiness and growth in relationships come with honesty. That is whats missing from a lot of peoples lives. A friend that cares enough about your long-term well being to let you know that you are completely F**king up your short term. That's something I wouldn't trade for the world.
I appreciate your honesty Kelsea and I'm looking forward to the next 3 years of having your smile, giggles and truth in my life.
Here's to you Ms. Cadore


How old are you ?

 Where are you from & what brought you to Chicago?
I am from Indianapolis, IN and I came to Chicago in 2008 to study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Did you leave anyone behind?
I left my best friend/boyfriend at the time. He didn't think it was a good idea for me to go to Chicago and gave me an ultimatum.  Everything in me was telling me to leave, so i did, and it was one the best/most necessary decision I've ever made for myself. I'm not the type of girl to follow or stay somewhere for a guy.

Whats been the hardest thing about living in Chicago, and as a woman?
Not letting fear dictate my decision making. Also always remembering I am only competing with myself. My mother is a worrier and I've seen how limiting fear can be. I've gotten good practice now, my fight or flight is fight! 
--How did those same issues apply to Indianapolis?
  Indianapolis doesn't compare to Chicago to me.

Whats it like being a Woman in the art world in Chicago?
I have focused more on educational side. I am licensed to teach K-12 in Illinois.
I am working on a non profit organization called Initiate Art. 

What has been your biggest challenge to date as a woman in this city?
Keeping my peace of mind and making decisions from a place of self love and self care. It's easy to get lost in the pace of the city... not eat or drink or love in healthy ways.

Who helped you get through it?
I have some amazing girlfriends. Rachel in particular is someone who has really helped me tune into myself and stand in my truth.

Who has been your biggest supporter?
  My parents

Is there anyone that has been a particular inspiration?
I get inspired by people in small ways all the time. I admire passion and work ethic. The city itself makes me want to be great and has shown me so many things about myself.

What inspires you to keep pushing on?
I want to always be collecting skills and learning new things. I'm actually scared to end up in an unhappy life.  That's why I  knew I had to leave Indy.
So I guess some fear is good if you allow it to motivate you and not cripple you.

Do you think being an only child has helped make you more resilient in a city like this?
 Most definitely! I am comfortable going out by myself and I know that I am more than capable to handle situations.
I also don't worry about other people's

Do you feel having a good group of female friends is important in making it work here?
yes! having a community however small is important.  Having a group of women to share experiences with and to talk free about emotions will help keep you sane in the city. On any given day bullshit will strike and you need someone who understands in your corner. I do love my guy friends though they help me get a full perspective.

Do you have a sold group of female friends?
Yes but I actually have more guy friends then girl friends. Haha one of my best girl friends is also roommate,  we wanted to have a party and realized how off balance the ratio would be. We're working on it and getting better.

Who has being a big influence in fostering your independence?
My father made sure I had my own voice and would not have to rely on other people.

When was the last time you were in love?
That's a hard question. I fell in love with the city almost immediately and that love has kept me here almost 9 years. Last year I was in love with a guy but I have realized that within that relationship I wasn't truly loving myself. I am in love with myself right now and quite happy.

What do you miss most about the experience?
I miss the feeling of having that combination of intellectual and physical intimacy.

Whats your next move out of Chicago?
I am planning on going overseas to teach Art or English! I'm not sure where yet but my spirit is calling me out of Chicago.