30 Days of Women: Karianna Dawn


Karianna Dawn

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Meeting Karianna for me was a wild twist of fate with a night full of heartbreak, pizza, tequila and drunken fueled rage. After everything that happened, the fact that we were able to grow into a really good pair of friends. Shows how strong our will to capitalize on our connection is. She feels so deeply for other people that she is always in a unique position to truly help other people. To really get to the core of a friends issue and make a difference in their lives. I'm very blessed to have had the random fortune of meeting her. A story for another time.

-Flow Johnson

How old are you and where do you live?

I am 24, and currently live in my parents house in a small town right outside of Philadelphia. But, I am moving into the city this week with my two best friends and I couldn't be more excited.

What's the hardest part about being a women in your shoes?   I think one of the hardest parts about being a woman in today's society, is that everything I do is expected to have some sort of justification. Maybe I don't wear bras because I find them uncomfortable, or I like the way my boobs look without them. Maybe I haven't shaved in weeks because I just haven't felt like it, or was too lazy to go to the store to buy a razor. Maybe I really am trying to make some political statement, or maybe these decisions are as second nature to me as tying my tennis shoes. The point is, there could be a million reasons why I choose to do something with my body, but it isn't anybody else's place to question why I do it.   Whose been your biggest motivation for furthering your goals and living the life you want to live?   The woman of my dreams. I will never forget one time I was trying to make a decision, I think it was about something trivial like whether or not I should text this boy back that was treating me like shit, and a dear friend said to me "what would the woman of your dreams do?" I swear this has stuck with me like glue. I am definitely not the woman of my dreams yet. I still do things I am not always proud of. But, I do know she is out there, and I will find her.   How do you combat male ignorance day to day, and does your intelligence make it difficult to find men worth talking to?   I think finding a balance of how much energy to put into a situation is the key to dealing with male ignorance. I need to care enough so that one day we won't even need to be having these conversations, so that the next generation of children are raised by like minded men and women. But I can't care to the point where it becomes toxic for my own self preservation. I have to remember I am not personally responsible for changing the minds of every misogynist I come across, knowing when to lean in and when to back away is really important for my own self care. Being an intelligent women, doesn't mean I find all men ignorant. I think a lot of times we want to make feminism out to be this whole women hating men game. It's really not like that, we just want to be lifted up by y'all the same way we lift you up.   What's the hardest part about being your age at the moment?   Being 24 is tough man. I have people telling me I am so young, the world is at my fingertips, this is my time to travel the world and figure out my passion, etc. Then there are other people who think I should be staying in one place, finding a steady job, and saving my money. It's hard because I feel a mix of both. I feel so blessed for the opportunities that I have had, the chance to explore new cities and focus on trying to "find" myself, but sometimes I want to land on it. Sometimes I am jealous of the people who know who they are and exactly what they want. But then again, maybe that's overrated.   Who was your first love and do you still speak?   ah love. hmmm. To be honest, I am not sure if I have ever been in love. Maybe with my ex, his name is irrelevant here. But by the time I realized it, it was too late. We tried multiple times to make it work, but something always got in the way. We catch up here and there, I want good things for him, and I know he feels the same.   What is something about women that inspires you? I have always been surrounded by strong, invincible women. I think their determination is what inspires me. Not only do you have to deal with your personal struggles, but you have the patriarchy knocking you down on a daily basis too!!! Fighting that amount of bullshit requires extreme determination.   What's your profession? Does it reflect you?   I just started working for a PR & Events agency. I am not sure if it reflects who I am, but I know I am good at it. I like the hustle and bustle, but I could do without the flashiness that sometimes comes along with it all. I think the stuff I do on the side that I'm not getting paid for is a better reflection of who I am, but that's the way it always seems to work isn't it?   Who is someone that inspires you creatively?   When I was living in Chicago my roommate lent me Just Kids by Patti Smith. I don't know the last time I felt so inspired by someone I would never have the chance of knowing. Learning about her journey gave me this weird sense of serenity, like everything was going to be alright. Whenever I am feeling lost or stagnant in my life, I think about her days at the Chelsea hotel and it lights this fire in me. One I often lose sight of.   What pushes you to keep going?   I just want to find happiness. I mean that's all anybody really wants, isn't it? I have been in this really confusing whirlwind stage of life recently, and sometimes I think, what if it never gets better? What if I never figure it out? But, I know that I will. I think finding that light at the end of the tunnel is what keeps me going. I know it's out there, and I cannot wait to find it.   I thought I would include an album that has touched my soul forever. If you haven't been introduced to the mystical, magical, princess that is ABRA, do yourself a favor and let ROSE take you to another galaxy. Shout out to a former lover of mine for bringing her sweet tunes into my world.   https://soundcloud.com/darkwaveduchess/sets/rose  

Photography by Flow Johnson