30 Days of Women: Kamila Eva

Kamila Eva

My name is Kamila Eva and I am not like most models. I don’t look at my photographs to see which angle captures my body and face in the most aesthetically pleasing way, instead I look at the composition of the photograph. I’m not an aspiring model, but a visual artist. On top of that I am a student majoring in Advertising Art Direction at Columbia College Chicago, a server at my local Irish Pub and a blogger for my website KamilaEva.com. On my blog, I feature photoshoot sessions and write about my process that came along with creating the photographs or my role as model expressing her sexuality through art. Instead of keeping my body hidden, I use it to create art and defy the standards woman have by challenging this idea that woman have to be modest in order to be respected. I am not like most models, but an artist changing the way woman are perceived in the media.

Website featuring artwork and blog: KamilaEva.com Instagram: @white.rihanna

Photography by Flow Johnson