30 Days Of Women: Kaitlin Marie Rose Roberts

Kaitlin Marie Rose Roberts

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Kaitlin Roberts is easily the most unusual and unique woman I've ever met, in every sense.
From the moment I met her, she made her presence known and made it strong. Silly voices, HILARIOUS comments that she thinks no one else hears and pushing boundaries. Thats really the most amazing thing about Kaitlin, she steps out of her comfort zone so effortlessly, that she forces others around her to do so as well. Giving her heart and silliness to anyone that will take it.
Unapologeticly herself and beautiful.
I met her at a party and was taken back right away. Her striking beauty, bubbly personality and one hell of a smile. We played beer pong, laughed, dance and taunted each other. The connection was immediate and strong.

Photography by Flow Johnson