30 Days of Women: Bianca Ashley

Bianca Ashley

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Meeting Bianca was one of those love stories that only New York can provide.
In the city for a photo shoot and launch party, I met up with a model friend from LA who I had worked with the last time I was there. We got breakfast and ended up bringing Bianca. She walks in, biggest smile id seen all week and a warmth that's all to often underappreciated. We all have a great breakfast, laugh and become the quick family we all need while being so far from home. We fly through Manhattan, hitting every bar we can find on the way to central park. Shots, beers, gut wrenching laughter and beautiful moments. We all wish we could be in New York City during the fall, I got lucky enough to have it happen.
So, heres to you Bianca, you beautiful soul.

-Flow Johnson

How old are you and where do you live?

33. Los Angeles

What's your profession?
Does it reflect who you are?

I'm a creative and a mover. I understand art and movement in various forms. Body language is my first language. English is my second.

I've had a career as a professional dancer for most of my adult life. When I turned 30 I got certified as a yoga instructor. Now I

teach regularly which is allowing me to explore movement and create shapes with others in an exciting -but relaxed- new format. Being a

yoga teacher absolutely reflects who I am.

Who is someone that inspires you creatively?
What pushes you to keep going?

I find inspiration everywhere. From rockstar moms taking care of home, raising children while still grinding. From artists, designers,

athletes. People that aren't afraid to roll their sleeves up and work hard for what they want. People that bounce back after getting

knocked down. The crazy ones, the doers.

What's the hardest part about being a woman in your shoes?

Navigating the world on my own. My mom transitioned two years ago.

She was a single mother and I'm an only child. So now I'm a tribe of one. I don't have the luxury of hesitation anymore. Fear isn't an option.

She prepared me for greatness but I'm human and I doubt myself sometimes.

Everyday I have to go out into the world trusting that I GOT THIS --without asking for validation or permission to simply be myself.

Whose been your

biggest motivation for furthering your goals and living the life you want to live?

Me. The wife and mother I want to be, more specifically. Motivation should start within. If your motivation to live the life you want

lies outside of you, it's dependent on circumstances you can't control. And if circumstances change, your energy and level of

commitment to living your best life will change.

It's gotta start within.

Whats something that's changed your view point on the world rather it be good or traumatic?

The loss of my mother two years ago. I learned to not sweat the small stuff. And EVERYthing outside of losing a loved one is small stuff.

Who was your first love and do you still speak?

My neighbor in college! Its few and far between but we still keep in touch. He even came to my mom's memorial to pay his respects. We

don't follow each others day to day but we still share the major life events. It's all love.

What's something about women that inspires you/leaves you in awe?

The ability to create, sustain and nourish LIFE with our bodies! It doesn't get any more magical than that. Women are divine.

"Being a woman is the most incredible thing in the world.

The only thing better is being a Black woman.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

We are truly, honestly magical."

Photography by Flow Johnson