30 Days Of Women: Amanda Furdge

Amanda Furdge

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Amanda Furdge is a piece of Cake. Born and raised in Mississippi, Furdge is a seasoned writer and poet and funny woman. Currently navigating the roads of Motherhood in a moss-covered three-handled family credenza, she and her writings can be found online and in the mirror if you look close enough at yourself.

How old are you & where are you from? I’m 28 and I was born and raised in JXN MS but I “came of age” in Chicago, IL

-Where do you live now? I’m currently living in JXN, MS until my children are ready to start K-1 grade. Daycare is way too expensive and tricky to be moving around.

What do you do for a living compared to what you want to do? Right now, ironically I work in an industrial print shop. The irony is that I’m a writer and that I plan to be writing full time for the rest of my life.

Creative outlets, do you have any? Sure. I’m a writer, creative consultant, crazy person. Anything you can think of that involves thinking outside of the box, I’m about that life.

-How often do you practice them Frequently. Especially with being a mom to small children. I have to be creative.

What's your biggest motivator on a daily basis? Opportunity. Opportunity to get “it” right. Make a “difference”. See my kids grow.

How old are your boys? Titan is 3 and Mega is 2.

-Who are their biggest male influences? Right now, my dad and our barber and close friend Coke Bumaye aka Boom in the Room. These are guys that they interact with and exchange love vibrations with on a daily basis.

What’s your favorite thing about being a woman? My favorite thing about being a woman is the softness.

Your most challenging? The softness.

Who have been the most supportive people, consistently? In my life? The first person that came to mind is my children’s Goddessmommy Shantivia Robinson. Next, Coke (Bumaye) and after that, my younger sister LuLu.

- are they close to you? The closest.

What prompted your move out of Chicago? I had to. I wasn’t ready to go back to work after maternity leave and I didn’t have the economic support that I desired for me and my new baby so I sacrificed the coolness of my life for some slow down.

Have you found a tribe where you are now? I was born and raised in JXN. My immediate family is here as well as extended. I wouldn’t consider them “tribe.” TRIBE are those three people I mentioned earlier in this speak. You know, TRIBE is … relative. The people you choose because you want to. the people that choose YOU because THEY wanted to… that’s TRIBE.

Who was the last person you were in love with? IN love? I’m IN love every day. Titan, Mega, Coke, Tivi, LuLu.

-Do you still speak? (Kanye Voice) All day!

What do you think your strongest moment has been in life thus far? Motherhood. A continuous moment of strength.

Who is the strongest woman you know? That's a beautifully loaded question. There are so many incredibly strong women that I’ve been BLESSED to “KNOW”. The first one that came to mind is a sister of mine that I’ve actually never met in person because, internet but her name is Dee and if you ever get a whiff of her spirit, you’ll know why.

Your last 5 played songs:

Donny Hathaway: These Song’s for You LIVE (The ENTIRE ALBUM)

Somi: Ginger Me

Coke Bumaye: Purpose

Daniel Caesar: Won’t Live Here

The Lone Bellow: You Can Be All Kinds of Emotional


    Black Magic Talk Amanda Furdge, Poet (2016)

    Let black magic tell our stories In all languages and repeatedly because repetition is so important We must remember the hues of who we are Shine like the great star that guides us

    Big and Little Dippers - constellations - Constantly in search of our places because there were moments in our story written by unauthorized authors

    They came and altered our alters When we were Mufaro’s beautiful sons and daughters

    Let black magic tell our truths While we remember that we are absolute in our magnitude A majority perpetuated as minority because the hunters are telling the story with reports skewed No charges, no convictions Even with over a million views on YouTube

    Let black magic do the talking As we walk on these egg shells Hoping that if we get arrested that we can at least make it to a cell

    Let black magic tell our stories

    Rid our culture of the lies that our lives began with slavery We are descendants of Mary’s baby With open eyes we call her Isis Understanding the trinity of she Horus and Osiris

    Now ask yourself who are the original cultural pirates

    A little more study would be time well spent We’re psychologically tormented because we’re confused about our decent But we are neither Ape nor Slave And Smith, Robinson and Johnson aren’t even our real names

    But that’s a different conversation for a different day One that should be had soon With our culture appropriated regularly by the legion of silver spoons

    With enough fame to take credit for what’s his torically ours Having moves we’ve been making for centuries viral in a matter of hours

    Let black magic tell our stories And advocate for our women Created for much more than bearing children Black women be kingdom building Building kings while on the floor with babies building blocks Our women are our first clocks – shapers of our first thoughts Strong as oxen and as delicate as white privilege’s ego Black women be the original heroes

    Black magic telling our stories in action While our men wake up and grasp what’s really happening

    Repositioning themselves for the takeover Undergoing emotional and psychological makeovers

    Honoring first their God and themselves

    Acknowledging the hell and consciously choosing heaven Unafraid to uplift and be accountable for their brethren

    Let black magic tell our story of acceptance Equality And fortitude Intellect Creativity

    Let black magic tell the story of you

    Black magic brewed in a cauldron made of the finest South African rhodium

    Infused with the smiles of our ancestors and the spirits of our babies unborn but on the way with hope in their hands a pinch of gentleness

    Eye of Kwame Nkrumah Heart of Muhammad Ali Hand of Shirley Chisolm 1-2 cinnamon sticks, maybe 3 We are the story

    Black magic You and me